Lucien Vicial the Second in his later years, leading the army.

Lucien Vicial the Second is an exact clone of his 'father', Lucien Vicial the First. His father was unable to impregnate his wife, and so he used his ingenious skills to help create a clone within her.

This man was the Third King of the Republic, the man who came to destroy the Iron Citadel and ensure peace on Vicaria.


The second was a clone. Upon his birth, his unusual circumstances of living was spread around the kingdom quickly, only a few people accepting him as a true human; His father, his 'mother', Nocte Cadite, Dea Cadite, and Prince Xrous.

Because of this constant fear of other, for they publically despised the boy, the Second was isolated within the castle walls. There, he trained himself with swordplay, and military tactics. He was determined that one day, he'd make his mark on the world. His father, although sick himself, helped the boy in becoming a man. Nocte Cadite was also an important person in his life. The Second became Nocte's squire until his death, learning everything about war from him.

He was always fascinated by weapons, using his intellect to craft better swords and spears. By the age of eight, the Second had created a new sword model that was used in the Republic Army for decades after. He was declared a master smither by the age of ten, teaching many people his ways later in life. The people, however, never fully accepted him as royalty - or even a person, for that matter.

When he walked down the street, people ignored him. When he helped others, they shunned him. He had no other children as friends his whole life, maturing very quickly around those who accepted him.

Adult Life & DeathEdit

When his father died of a heart attack, he was given the crown of the Republic under his father's last will. This was a move that angered many in the Republic who much preferred Prince Xrous over this 'non-human'. Riots blew off all over the kingdom, guards dispatched all over, a few people killed in the crossfire.