Marius Pontmercy

Sixty-four year old gunsmith addicted to weaponry.


Marius lived on Vicaria for over 50 years of his life. His father was a great blacksmith and his mother a baker. He was not so rich but no very poor, he study blacksmithing with his father but one day he saw a guard shooting a musket and he got very interested. He got train with swords and guns. He learn how to forge swords and weapons but he had the dream to learn how to forge a gun.

Becoming a GunsmithEdit

When Marius was 20 his father died of a heart attack. And his mother was very sick that she could not even walk. Then he decided to start working to keep his mother alive. He contact one of his father's friend to give him so work as a blacksmith. This friend was a very experienced gunsmith and blacksmith, So marius was more like an apprentice. So this is how his dream came true.

Arrival to ImperiumEdit

Marius arrived in the city, searching for a job. He bought a house at the North District and started his own gunsmith shop there. He met many people and he has so many clients.


He joined the Alchemy Guild and was choose as a Earth Well-Mage. He is a student currently and he has his own team name Elementarii Paradoxum. He can currently create pillars, use pebbles and lift some earth-related things (sand, grass, rocks) He is very strong due his abilities that he can even destroy a stone block with his fist.


Marius use his set of Dual pistols with silver bullets. He also use a reinforced Matchlock aswell with silver bullets, he is good with swords but he prefers using his guns. He is planning to design a new gun using Fire essense and actual guns parts, some of a Flamethrower.