The Vicial Family is what one may call a clan. There are many sub families that have conjoined and seperated with the Vicial main family. The Vicials are most known for their position as Kings and Queens of the Republic, following the fall of the many Kingdoms of Imperium.



The Vicial Family Crest

Members of the Vicial family  have generally higher IQ's, with a few exceptions. Many famous members have loved to tinker, and many have created some of their own inventions, impacting the history of the world. The smartest Vicials were the First, The Second, the Tenth, and the Eleventh.

A rare trait, some Vicials instead have great strength and/or courage. They make great leaders and heroes, able to change the course of history with their blades. The strongest Vicials were the Third, the Twelfth, and the Thirteenth.

Vicials are most commonly good people, or kind people. They think for others all the time, basing their actions on how it would affect, not them, but everyone else. They have great pride in their family, finding it an insult when they are not known.

However, there are the occassional bad eggs in the family, like with any. The worst were the Sixth and Seventh, who both openly dealt with thugs, bandits, criminals, and bribery. They are on the opposite side of the spectrum, whereas the rest are capable of great deeds, these members cause great devastation, including the rise of the Black Iron.

All Vicials honor those of their direct ancestors. However, they have, over the years, split into many small families of whom dislike the others. This has caused many rivalries and tension, sometimes boiling over into full on wars. One such, recent example was the Black Gear, whose leaders could trace direct lines to the Vicial Family.

Famous MembersEdit

  • Lucien Vicial - The Patriarch of the whole tree. Second King of the Republic.
  • Lucien Vicial the Second - Clone/Son of the original, Third King of the Republic, destroyer of the Iron Citadel.

Other MembersEdit