Zarmuk Ironweaver is a Dragon-Kin, half human half dragon basically. He personally is half Pythois - the wind/air dragon. He is seventeen years old and currently lives in the Frontier District. He comes from a long line of Ironweavers dating back to Captain Rai Ironweaver of the Leafcaps, but was adopted. He still acts as if he is a blood relative, though.

Arrival in the CityEdit

Zarmuk arrived in the city, searching for anything his cousin - Zaiaran Gahhnd - had left behind. He found nothing. He sneaked around town, as he had no intention of being found out. But someone did. It was Lilly Satou, who surprisingly let him live in a house in the Frontier District. He lived in secret for a while longer, although I  can't say he wasn't found out by many people. Eventually he gave in and stopped hiding himself. Whenever someone saw him since then the scales around his eyes and his tail were immediate giveaways.


Although most citizens who live in the city are kind to Zarmuk, not all are. Two or three people scold him, calling him a "beast" or "monster". Some attacked him. But although rage boiled inside him, he resisted the urge to attack.


A while later, the Satou house was destroyed, and so he moved to a different part of the district, but it didn't change much. His house is still a bit empty and such, but he has a storage chest, a bed, and a table. That's all that really matters to Zarmuk. He likes having lots of silent, empty space to sit and think in anyways.


Zarmuk has a few spells that are wind/air based. One allows him to fall safely from tremendous heights, one allows him to run swiftly place to place. Another allows him to call lightning from the sky and strike it upon his foes. He also has a spell tome which summons a carpet of glass which he is able to float around upon.


Zarmuk has three weapons, but all he considers nessasary and/or valuble. First is a set of dual pistols, complete with silver bullets which he had bought from the local gunsmith. He uses them when he is too tired to use his magic. Another is a staff he found on an expedition: The Staff of Eternal Night. He doesn't know this, but it holds a fragment of an evil spirit that almost brought eternal night. His other weapon is a two-handed polearm. It is the Ranseur of Wind. It can knock enemies back and shoot arrows form its tip. The Ranseur of Wind is his favorite weapon.